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Brand Building

When deciding your future brand strategy and right direction, you need more than just calculated guesswork. We can provide you with essential accurate data needed to read the current climate, and decide on the right course of action.

Custom Publishing

Our award winning designs and writers regularly produce international class magazines that propel your image and enhance your brand identity to your clients. We successfully do this for many of the biggest brand names in Asia.

Creative Advertising

Through our award winning creative design team, we are also able to cater physical and digital ads which will entice more clients to be either intrigued or further loyal towards the identity that your brand offers.

Customized Market Research

With our global partners, we can cater a customized market research that will include vital information as to how your brand is perceived by consumers and as to why it's likely or unlikely to be chosen compared to other brands.

Media Representation

If you need assistance in selling or advertising either locally or internationally. We are simply the best having countless success and record breaking ad sales for many of the world's leading magazines.

Copywriting and Translation

Through our many years of extensive regional presence, we can offer translation and proofreading services in English, Russian, Thai, Burmese and Chinese (Simplied and Traditional) using any language including English as the target and source language.


Presented below are our works in terms of publication, advertisment, projects and designs.

Brand Building

Superbrands / Topbrands

Custom Publishing

Custom Magazines and Publications

Creative Advertising

Flyers, Ads, Digital Designs

Market Research

Market Research and Modialities

Media Representation

Our new product

Copyright & Translation



How it all started with a concept of a book.

  • 1988


    We began with book and magazine publishing in Hong Kong, and after six years opened our own offices in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Our understanding and appreciation of different cultures gave us an edge in working with both multi-national and local companies to grow their brand awareness through creative advertising and helping to elevate their business strategies.

  • 1995

    First Major Contract and Beyond

    We launched HSBC’s customer loyalty magazine ‘Select’ for their Privilege Customer account holders in Hong Kong. We provided editorial content, design and layout, and advertising services. The product was introduced to HSBC throughout Asia.

    Over the past 20+ years we have worked on major branding programs with many of the greatest icons around the globe; American Express, Coke, HSBC, Shangri-La, AIA, Visa, McDonalds, along with many others. We have published many coffee table books for over 100 leading clients, mainly highlighting their corporate branding efforts.

  • 2008

    Second Major Contract

    The Philippines most recognized and largest Drugstore chain, Mercury Drug Corp, contracted the services of our Contract Publishing division to produce their own customer loyalty magazine, which quickly became the largest selling monthly magazines in the country. To date, we have launched more than 10 custom publishing projects for leading clients around Asia.

  • 2018...

    Looking Forward...

    With the emergence of technology and mobile communications; we have kept ahead of the times and are assisting many clients to update and improve their means of communicating with their customers. Knowing what your customers prefer and need is of paramount importance. Our strong market research capabilities consistently help our clients to keep ahead of the game. We are constantly looking for new targeted and innovative ways provide decisive solutions that our clients need in today’s demanding and often difficult markets.

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Over the past 25 years we have achieved great success in helping to develop and promote many of today’s iconic brands. Garnered a special award from Malaysian Prime minister for helping local brands achieve global status. Having reached the highest levels in Branding, Marketing and Contract Publishing - we continue to work with blue chip clients in exploring innovative ways to improve their products and reach out to ever expanding markets. We are looking at expanding our proven track record by investing into new generation techniques and strategies introduced by award winning younger company members who know what todays demanding markets require. Working with the best - makes you the best.

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